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When I was 4 years old, my parents showed me how to paint. It was on a sunny day out in the garden under a huge chestnut tree. When I was 12 years old, I decided to become an artist and to study art. And when I left university, I started to create my life. It was from the very beginning on different from normal. I didn't follow any patterns, not even the one of an artist.

I invite you to discover here my projects, my experiences and my artwork. 

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These three roots define my world and my choices since I am a child. I grew up in the forests of the Italian Switzerland - Ticino. 

Life made me discover the world, many different cultures and traditions and life itself: The choice of living my life.

Everywhere I was looking for the artistic life in nature. Be it through sports, adventures and many different professions. I was living 4 years as a nomad in my van, spending the summer shepherding in the Swiss Alps. 


Now I arrived and a new chapter has just started right now.

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Discover my artwork

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Read about my projects out in nature, connected to art and life

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Find out which concepts of life I follow

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Follow my blog about the latest news

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