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   WHO AM I   

Welcome to my website about the Trail of Inspiration - my blog about a nomadic life as artist, traveling the world seeking inspiration by sports, nature and cultures.

Things in my life lead me towards the decision, that I changed the settings to a diverse, open and traveling life. I know I am an explorer and time gave me a hand full of skills, which are now my potential all around the world. 

I let myself go with the flow, where people ask me to join in, to support or collaborate, I estimate if it's fulfilling and corresponding my possibilities and passions - if so, I go for it. 

I named this website Inspiration Trail because life is complete when every day inspires me. Experiences, challenges, stories, impressions, meeting people and their life, cultures and their rituals, continents and their faces, all this and much more is daily teaching me and bringing me forward. For this I gave up possessions, home and safety through job and money.

Documenting my experiences on this website I decided to distinguish 


INSPIRATION   - experiences, impressions, whatever enriches my vision and personality


CREATION        - works I create by myself, such as art and design


PASSION          - activities I do because I just love nature, sports and the simple life under stars


EXPEDITION    - projects over longer periods

All these fields of action are part of my personality, my skills and my passions. There is no aim to dedicate my life just to one profession but to the full freedom of choice, whatever crosses my trail. The philosophy that every change is a resource of fantastic chances, every action my power to a better future and every lived day my true income, follows up my daily life.


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Artist, Kiteinstructor, Snowkiteinstructor, Art & Crafts Teacher (4 years Art Studies), Nature Experience Guide, Tourguide, Teamrider (Airush)


German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


Kitesurfing - IKO Kiteinstructor, professional, freestyle, basic unhooked, basic hydrofoil

Snowkiting - professional, freeride uphill backcountry, 3rd place worldcup 2019 race, 2nd swiss snowkite freestyle 2019

Rock Climbing - Outdoor 5a/5b, Indoor 5c/6a

Aerial Hoop - Intermediate, 2-3min choreographies

Sailing - Lake licence and open sea licence, 2018

Motorboat - Swiss licence for all boats, 2020

Car - international car driving licence

Trekking - full outdoor trekking up to 1 Week experienced

Snowboarding - freeride, slope ride, backcountry tours

1st Aid Help - swiss licence 2018

Swimming rescue - swiss licence 2016

Handcrafts - Woodwork with all known tools and machines (electric saws, sanding, drilling,...), metalwork (cutting, different whelding processes, drilling, several machine use), concrete and stone carving works, gesso and clay works, epoxy laminating, photography, printing methods, dawing, painting, filmrecording & -cutting, knitting, stiching, designing & sewing clothes and textile products

Teaching - 10 years teaching experience in age of 12-19 years of all school levels


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