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Welcome to discover my life concepts. Throughout the years I went through different formations, professions, I travelled the world, experienced wild adventures, I created many things and projects and I always worked on my art.

My life is a constant inspirationtrail to me, a path of learning and collecting experiences on this wonderful planet. Wide knowledge and skills shape my life and my options, I created my own identity far from mainstream formations and definitions.  

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Artistic Life

Art was part of my life and passion since I am a child. Drawing and painting was always among the things I loved most to do and I developed strong technical skills in early age. But not just technique and skills were important to me, it was the undefined free and exceptional lifestyle. How I decorated my living, how I created my own outfit and other things, how I made my choices, where I went travelling and how I documented my life.

Passionate personal creation in my very own authentic way, was the core of everything and still is.

Artistic Life
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Nomad Life

It may have started by moving as a child from the italian to the german part of Switzerland, that I learned to adapt myself very early and developed good language skills. Something always called me to travel, discover, to go for adventures. 

After many years of travelling backpacking, hichhikeing, interrailing, kitesurfing and sailing, I decided in early 2020 to reduce my life to a nomad vanlife. During 4 years I was on my journey and just arrived to a new homeland where a new story has already started.

Is the nomad journey coming to an end?

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Nomad Life
1_Inspirationtrail_Aerial Life_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg

Aerial Life

Something always attracted me to go high up. I love to be on the top of a mountain and a cliff and watch far. I love to climb up rocks, hang in the rope and see the small world underneath. 

Kitesurfing made me discover to disconnect from gravity, a fantastic and magic experience. To support my body for the athletic work I did, aerial yoga and later aerial hoop were my best constant training. 

Nothing can ever take away the passion to fly, swing and rotate high up in the air

Aerial Life

Outdoor Life

Growing up in the forests and far from civilisation has shaped my love to be in nature since my first day on earth. Nature is the space where I can reconnect, balance and find back to me. Not just the choices of my sport passions and art themes were always related to nature. 

The best peace and happyness I experience when spending time outdoor, cooking on a fire, trekking on a mountain or sailing the ocean. The less there is, the more precious everything becomes.

1_Inspirationtrail_Outdoor life_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg
1_Inspirationtrail_Shepherd Life_Deborah Kressebuch_Gornergrat_Zermatt.JPG

Shepherds Life

I was a child when I first went on a shepherding mountain. My aunts were the shepherds and for me the magic time on the mountain was a childs play. 

The simple living in the mountain hut, far from civilisation and in connection with the animals, stayed forever a magic and precious way of life, which I picked up again in several seasons once with scottish highlanders, once with goats and then with the blacknosesheep from Zermatt. Shepherding is hard and demanding, far from the romantic picture it easily creates. It is REAL. TRUE. LIFE.

Shepheds Life
Outdoor Life

Authentic Life

Nothing is impossible and the most magic moments happen, when you don't expect anything at all. When I fully connect with myself, when I truly live my own truth and mission, without any desires of luxury overflow, things align and life offers exactly what I dream or wish for. 

Some modern coaches name it the process of manifestation and materialisation. For me in this state of being I find the pure truth, confirming that I follow my very own authetic and personal inspirationtrail.

1_Inspirationtrail_athletic life_Deborah Kressebuch.JPG
Impossible LIFE
1_Inspirationtrail_Sailor Life_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg

Sailor Life

To move on the surface of water took all my passion for many years through kitesurfing. Later I combined this sport, where I was teaching, training, competing and tourguiding with sailing. I spent many weeks, even months in the Carribbeans and Bahamas on sailboats and catamarans and 2023 spent a full season teaching sailing and working as a skipper on lake Zürich in Switzerland. 

The passion for living on the ocean, traveling with the wind and surfing the waves with a boat and big sails, never faded away, once it touched my love for this way of connecting with nature.

Sailor Life

Handcraft Life

Same as creating art, I love to do my artisan objects with my own hands and tools. Pigments for painting, furniture, accessoires, clothes, backpacks, building my van and so much more is part of my core life passions. 

I can't get enough from learning how to do something on your own! At the same time I love to hand over the skills, one of my professions is teaching wood- and metalwork. 

Right now my next challenge is calling: The full renovation of a 100 years old house will be my work in the coming years, because I want to do as much as possible with my own hands.

1_Inspirationtrail_Handcraft Life_Deborah Kressebuch_Artist_Pigment.JPG
handcraft lif
1_Inspirationtrail_Teaching Life_Deborah Kressebuch.JPG

Teaching Life

Since child I loved to play teacher. After many years of very different experiences, teaching in public schools, being a kitesurf- and a sailinginstructor teaching can be the urge to drop your own knowledge and idea on others OR, and this is my passion of teaching in life, people are inspired and ask me to transfer some of my experience to them. That is when teaching becomes enriching and very beautiful for both. 

This is one of the reasons, I created Inspirationtrail, a platform to share and open up to spread inspiration, knowledge and skills.

Teaching Life

Multilingual Life

I grew up bilingual, German and Italian, Swiss school system made me learn early French and English. 

I always loved to learn how to speak other languages, the one big tool to connect with other cultures and people from all over the world. Traveling made me learn Spanish, also a bit Portugese, Arabic and with some very few Russian words I was preparing myslef for an East Expedition. 

I love to speak freely in my languages, the world opens up and becomes a source of so much interaction, connection and friendships.

Multilingual Life
1_Inspirationtrail_Visionary  Life_ Deborah Kressebuch.JPG

Visionary Life

One of my strongest energy booster to do something is to transform a fantastic Idea into reality. I have daily plenty of ideas and some very good ones in their right moment can be transformed. 

My love for visions, for bringing lightful changes into our world are the creation source for all my projects. 

Sometimes its difficult to remember all the many projects I have realised, discover the best ones described here on Inspirationtrail.

Visionary Life

Athletic Life

With one exception I can not say I was always an athlete! It was in my twenties when I discovered my passion for rock climbing. In 2010 I learned Kitesurfing. That moment changed all my life. I spent several years with all my focus into that sport. I got sponsored, trained for promotion and competitions and finally lead my own travel agency for kitetrips on catamarans. Later I discovered aerial yoga and then arial hoop as a great base traning when I was far from the ocean. 

Today I train less hard, I shifted my fitness into the daily life of a shepherd, still going kitesurfing and rock climbing, snowboarding and snowkiting, I also just love my daily routine of Chi Kung and Yoga.

1_Inspirationtrail_athletic life_Kitesurfing_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg
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