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Its long ago, in 2012, when I first time travelled Brasil. It was in the beginning of my last nomadic life period, working as a kiteinstructor and following the path of adventures along the windy coasts of this world. I decided to discover the Brasilian coast north from Fortaleza by kitesurfing along the coast. With satelite images I checked the shore, the distances and the villages. In a notebook I wrote down my plans and the details I observed on the trip. Some friends joined in and in the end I stayed in a small beautiful village and became part of the family. After all these deep and impressive experiences, travelling 400km just by kite, a car or buggy following the coast with the luggage, I truly understood the limits of the beauty of our world are endless and our possibilities of discovering them and being inspired by places, people and culture is not just enriching, its part of our never fading happiness. Its love.

From all the collected information and experience with the drawings of the maps during the journey, I created a printed Downwinderguide. The single maps are shown here in this slideshow:

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