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TO LIVE OUTDOOR, LIGHT AND TIMELESS, IS ONE WAY OF BEING FREE - Here I present projects over longer periods. Some are meant to be exploring, others have certain goals and intentions. To meet cultures and rare places, to understand the world in solidarity and respect for humans and nature is how I go step by step on the trail of inspiration. In Lak'ech Ala K'in.



I travelled to Mexico and to the unique Hotel XIXIM. There I spent seven weeks deeply escaped at a wonderful end of the world. The trip lead to a perfect concept for a kiteschool that was welcomed by the hotel management, but more than that I started to learn so much about the country, the Maya people and their knowledge abut plants.

The future will lead me back for half a year to Mexico for leading the kiteschool and learn more. What a magical expedition!!!!

InspirationtrailExpedition_go south041.J


Even though its called impossible or closed or red or whatever. There was this strong need to escape. To be outside of the scene for a while. To just live in our vans and let the days flow. There could not have been any better thing to do....



To spend some time far away from home and push the limits by learning something completely new can be a chance to reset your mind or to find new power and ideas for a future life. 

To bring ourselves together in a group, to have time to be and to experience something new, this was the goal of this kitesurfing trip with a group of young people.



During three months I visited the Bahamas by catamaran and sailed through the islands and cays and when the wind was good, we did kitesurfing. 

The silent discovery of lost places, lonely beaches of an unreal beauty was one of my most important experiences becoming a skipper and sailing woman.



A full summer I travelled with my van from Switzerland to Italy further to Croatia where I sayed for a while. I explored lost places, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and climbing. 



During several years I travelled along the Brasil coast kitesufing downwind - Downwinding - and also training at the famous spots on the way. The very first year, in 2012 I made the most exciting journey: Planing day by day in a small group of friends we explored the coast kitesurfing 400km from Cumbuco to Camocim and partly even further north.

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