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On my journey on the trail of inspiration I meet people, stories and things that have to be told, information that has to be shown, due to set a focus on what our polarized media is not able to and due to the flood of passing by news in our social media channels. Here I set focus on stories of other nomads, other people living a different live and achieving incredible things, people giving their knowledge and power to help others or to save something that might disappear if we are not careful. 

And also this is the focus on a reality, that our politics and governments try to hide, and on people risking their lives and existence as a price for these political actions.



A very good friend, Gian Rupf, is actor and filmmaker and speaker and much more.

This is a wonderful video about him and the region he lives in - the Prättigau.

The film is spoken in authentic Swiss German.



A 1500-page ‘Black Book’ that documents the horrific violence suffered by over 12,000 people at the hands of authorities on the EU’s external borders has been released today – International Migrants Day – by The Left in the European Parliament. Compiled by BVMN and printed over two volumes, the ‘Black Book of Pushbacks’ is a collection of hundreds of testimonies of migrants and asylum seekers who have experienced human rights violations at external borders.



Not many films really catch my attentions, as I don't like fake society strereotypes and I am highly against any form of manipulation and propaganda content.

But there are few films with very precious content for myself, where usual things are questioned and new paths are shown.

InnSæi is one of it - about our intuition and how it affects our life.

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