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Even though its called impossible or closed or red or whatever. There was this strong need to escape. To be outside of the scene for a while. To just live in our vans and let the days flow. There could not have been any better thing to do....

We travelled through lost places, lonely beaches and visited beautiful rock climbing places. Our vans were our house, each his room and in between our lounge, sometimes with a bonfire.  A warm source in a river healed our tired muscles after strong kiting days, a strong storm kept us away from sleeping one night, in the morning the huge waves reached our vans on the cliffs - what a big day kitesurfing! We climbed in lost valleys, in overhang caves and above the sea on the cliffs.

Lost in a lost world, lonely in lonely beauty, back to warm summer days. 

It sounds like a story, it certainly will be forever our best story.

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