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For Hotel Daniela in Zermatt, part of Tradition Julen, I could paint several wall paintings, showing the familys big treasure: The wonderful flock of the beautiful black-head sheeps - Walliser Schwarznasenschafe. I worked with linear wall illustrations inspired by photos of the family's archive. The work is a connection between the family's history, the products of the hotels as well as a response to the artwork of Esther Gerber Scherenschnitte, which is implemented in the architecture of the whole hotel. 

This wonderful work lead to an ongoing exhibition in Hotel Daniela with mountain paintings and the amazing job for the upcoming summer as a sheperd in the mountains of Zermatt with the Schwarznasenschafe of the family Tradition Julen.

The work as a sheperd will be a combination of sheep sheperding, guiding tourists for a tour with the sheeps to learn about its wool and natural equivalency for the alpine ecosystem as well as further artistic works during the sheperding walks in the mountains, similar to the works I did for Hotel Medelina when sheperding at Alp Puzzetta.

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