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LIFE IS FULL OF INSPIRATION IF YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AND STEP OUTDOOR - Here I show you my experiences, impressions, whatever enriches my vision and personality living the trail of inspiration.




One month living in the middle of the mountains, sheperding 360 goats, milking and cheesemaking - in a team of three women we worked up to 16h a day, slept 5-6 hours, to achieve all the needed work in the steep, rocky swiss mountains. An experience for life between danger and compassion, responsibility and routine. Your own borders define your actions.



2004, 2018, 2021

Mexico is attracting me since many years. I travelled big parts of the country by hichhike and visited a few places with friends. 

Recently I spent almost two months near Celestun to explore a wonderful hotel and its conditions for kitesurfing. 

All these trips I documented with my sketchbooks... 




At the Urban Sketching Symposium Zuoz I was drawing three days in the old streets of this beautiful village in the Swiss alps. Workshops by known sketchers and illustrators inspired me for my own drawing works.




Trekking four days and nights in the wild freedom of a fantastic valley in the mountains of Switzerland, we explored, discovered and let us inspire for drawing by the beautiful landscapes, the rivers and the flowers.

Inspirationtrail_Lera dsura_sheperd_Debo



One month I was working as a sheperd on alp Lera d'Sura in the south of Switzerland. I had to sheperd about 20 scottish cows. I lived in a small stony hut near the rocks of the mountains, high above all the rest of the world.




I got a request to travel to Capetown and paint there for a guesthouse. While exploring the landscape and the sea by kitesurfing, it worked on many sketches and drawings, collected stones to produce pigments with them. The paintings I created later and sent them back to Capetown for the guesthouse.

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