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For a couple of years I was deeply addicted to kitesurfing and all I was heading for was a long and powerful kitesession. I spent endless times at windy coasts and changed all my life to be able to work and live where the wind and water was waiting for me. I became quite good in skills, quickly became a kiteinstructor and later teamrider for kitebrands. Today I am riding for Airush, a small and very cool kitebrand from Capetown. There was a time where I trained to become more and more professional, heading for hard freestyle moves - the handlepasses - but on this way also found the limits of my  will to perform. At the point where only success and prominence is the reason to hurt your body and risk to destroy it, I came back to myself, realizing this is not me. The passion to breath happily and discover the most beautiful places on earth almost got lost through the bad moods of failure and pains.

On a long way back, I found again what really makes me happy. Just adventure kitesurfing with friends, same as I did in 2012 in Brasil....

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