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Vanlife - reduced to a nomadic minimum

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Sometimes I wonder why it seems so hard and unusual to live the way I decided to. Or maybe I am wrong? Or maybe just a big mindset change has started and will need its time, to realize, that even for a while, living a nomadic life, is so much full of freedom and space.

Let me share some of the best moments of the past months, where I never missed anything, because I had more than everything.

In February I started to reconstruct the inside of my van, in May I started to live in it and in June I added electricity and water system with the amazing help of a good friend. Then I lived all summer passionately in my van...

Just now its getting cold and I will soon head south to warmer places, except I spend time in my studio to work on exhibitions or just create something, thats the only time I come back to a wonderful and unique house...

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