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Living a movie kind life on the Gornergrat with a beautiful flock of Blacknose Sheep, I spent the summer seasons 2021 and 2022 on the Gornergrat mountain. I was shepherding my flock on the mountain, living in a caravan on almost 3000m with full view to Matterhorn. 

Nature is strong and present here - the nature of high alpine clima. Storms, sunshine, snow, haliling and rainy or fogy days were my seven days working setup. 

Here I took care about these unbelievable beautiful and unique sheep. I was shepherding my flock of 115 sheep without dog - just a whistle and my voice. The meadows are full of tiny flowers, lakes and small rivers.

People form all over the world visit Zermatt and the Gornergrat. Here we meet - with the application Meet the Sheep guests can track my flock by GPS and find us on the meadows. 

Many photographers made their way up there, below you can find the links to them.

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