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Welcome to discover my projects. They are all bound to nature, in nature, with nature and connected to nature. My wild and not mainstream life with my strong passion for being creative has always and again lead me to start a new project with a fantastic vision and bring it through to its final realisation.

Many projects were at the same time big adventures, hard challenges but each one is a precious piece of my experience, leading ahead to the next wonderful project. 

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My newest Project 


The biggest and longest project of my life is just about to be born. I am excited looking forward to bring together all my core passions, visions and wishes. 

Coming soon!


Gornergrat Shepherding

Two summer seasons I worked on Gornergrat in Zermatt shepherding the famous Blacknosesheep. I helped to realize the product 'Meet the Sheep' where tourists can find the sheep by gps on the mountain.



La Onda Wandbilder

For a restaurant I painted murals of nearly 100m2. The topic was La Onda, the wave, to bring an exotic atmosphere into these rooms. The result was a fantastic place, escaping into a far beach world.


Mexico Kitespot Exploration

Through a friend I spent two months in his hotel at the yucatec coast, exploring the conditions for the option of a kiteschool. During this magic time I was all alone in the jungle coast with the Mayan staff, teaching me their culture and life.

18_Inspirationtrail_Mexico Kitesurfing Exploration_Projects_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg
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3x Van Conversions

Since more than 8 years I travel and live with my van. Three times I made a full conversion, adapting the inside to my nomad needs. Solar panel, rooftop window, a wooden stove and many more things make it a luxury friend for the simple life.



2020 I sold Cyankiteboarding, gave up my work and my flat. I started my journey living in my van and documenting my life with Inspirationtrail. Since then I focus on my artwork and in summerseason I shepherd, teach or follow other jobs. Welcome!

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Bahamas Kitecruise

One of the most beautiful but also most challenging projects was the Bahamas Kitecruise. Three months sailing a luxury catamaran in the Bahamas with my guests from Cyankiteboarding. Unforgettable.



My favourite kitesurfing trips were sailing by catamaran in the Caribbeans. I ruled Cyankiteboarding, my travel agency, during 4 years, organising and offering unforgettable kite-sail-trips.

12_Inspirationtrail_Cyankiteboarding_Projects_Deborah Kressebuch.JPG
1_Inspirationtrail_Capetown Art on Deman


Capetown Art on Demand

For the guesthouse Amanjiwoo I could make a series of paintings, traveling to Capetown for inspiration. Two weeks of ressearch were the base for the paintings about the 'Wild Coast'.


Kitesurf Tourguide

Kitesurfing was the strongest passion in my life for many years and I made it become my profession, teaching kitesurfing and snowkiting and guiding groups all around the world for kitetrips.

5_Inspirationtrail_Projects_Kitesurfing_Snowkiting_Tourguide_Deborah Kressebuch.jpg


1_Inspirationtrail_Delta Atelierresidence London_Logo_Deborah Kressebuch_Projects.jpg

Delta London Atelier

After my art studies I had good contacts from my semester in 2007 in England. Through these friendships I started my first artresidence Project with a studio in London.


Circus Lamago

I was performing first time with 14 years acrobatics in a small children circus. Few years later, with 16 years, I started my own circus project with a friend. 

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