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Since my last trip to Mexico in 2019 I knew one day I will go back to this wonderful place and explore it for its kitesurfing conditions. I already observed perfect thermical conditions combined with an incredible beach and sea. 

Due to some things happening and the ongoing changes of my plans in these uncertain times, I finally travelled with a friend to Mexico and to the unique Hotel XIXIM. I spent there seven weeks deeply escaped at a wonderful end of the world. The hotel was closed for renovation and due to the actual global situation, so we lived there just with a couple of staff people maintaining the hotel area.

The many maya style cabañas set at this amazing coast, with palm roofs and all grown in plenty of plants and flowers, I was kiting every day with great winds as well as learning amazing things from the Maya people working there.

Finally the trip lead to a perfect concept for a kiteschool that was welcomed by now from the hotel management, but more than that I started to learn so much about the country, the Maya people and their knowledge abut plants.

The future will lead me back for half a year to Mexico for leading the kiteschool and learn more. What a magical expedition!!!!

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