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Discover the three van conversions I did in the past 8 years. Each time the conversion was optimizing the comfort of my van, so that I could live in it and travel far.

The first conversion happened when I started my nomad life, when I gave up my job and flat and took off trusting life.

I built a bed with a huge storage space underneath, drawers and a lounge to chill. A friend helped me to install a solar panel and connect it with a second battery, all the lights and an external power source. I worked in my professional woodwork studio in school and in the wood workshop of my friend.

For my second conversion I changed the whole setup, to have a better and more comfortable space. Although I lost storage space, but still it was the best solution for living a full summer in my van during teaching sailing on lake Zürich.

In the third conversion I added a wooden stove, the tiny stove, to my van! And also I added a rooftop window to release heat through the roof and catch some light from above

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